Press Play: Allah Las

Looking for garage rock band that seamlessly speaks to young guy topics? Then look no further than Allah-Las. This quartet music speaks sex, freedom, regret and acceptance. Sound a little heavy or lonely? Maybe a little, but they are definitely worth pressing play on. I’ll give you 5 reasons to press play on Allah-Las:

  1. They know how to make amends: The band kicked their drummer out of their band when one day he wanted to go to the beach instead of practice.  The band had a friend sit in to play drums and soon realized they needed their old drummer back. Three days later they were reunited.
  2. Their music is reminiscent of the 60’s with a fresh perspective: They’re name has been thrown in with bands like the Byrds and the Doors.the-doors
  3. They take the time to explain themselves when they offend someone: The name Allah-Las received some backlash from the community of Islam. Muslims felt as if it mocked and trivialized their God. When the band received this information, they took the time to respond and explain the inspiration behind the name. They explain they chose Allah because they wanted something Holy sounding.
  4. They are against gentrification: Drummer Matt Correia explains “…Because these people from Silicon Valley or wherever, they move into areas that are interesting and unique, where creative people live, and because they have so much money, the prices go up. And that means everyone else has to leave, so they eradicate all the elements which made that area interesting in the first place.”gentrification
  5. They can make a little go a long way: The band started out with two members who barely knew how to play their instruments. Now the band tours around the world.

Be sure to Press Play on Allah-Las’ newest album. You won’t be disappointed.