Press Play: Beach Slang

2016 has been a rough year in the music world. Some bands are making meaning out of mayhem. Beach Slang has not only been faced with some incredible challenges, but have used those challenges to give back to others.  Not only do they provide listeners with tremendous punk rock tunes, but they stand by their values and convictions even when it means the end of a remarkable collaborative sound. Here are 5 reasons to press play on Beach Slang:


  1. This may be the last time to hear them as you know and love them.beach-slang The band announced their possible breakup  in April 2016 during a live show. The band was generous enough to ask the venue to refund everyone’s tickets. The band announced the departure of their drummer after that show, and then their guitarist later in the year.  Be sure to check out their latest and  possibly final album as group: A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings. It rocks.
  2. They won’t stand for violence against women. The band’s guitarist was removed from the band amid sexual assault allegations.stop-violence-against-women
  3. They want to reassure fans they are safe with Beach Slang. The band issued a statement to fans saying the band “has always been and will always be a safe place for everyone.”
  4. They put their money where their values are. The band has committed to making donations to Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)–an anti-sexual assault organization.rainn
  5. Frontman, James Alex knows how to move past the fear of performing alone. Even though his band is falling apart, the leadman is pressing forward alone. This alone is an encouragement to fans that no matter what hardship is presented, perseverance has promise.james-alex