Press Play: Kishi Bashi

If you’re looking  to hear something that sounds new, but you want to be sure it’s good then look no further than Kishi Bashi. He just released his new album Sonderlust, and it is his most personal work to date.  Here are five reasons you should press play on Kishi Bashi:


  1. His new album title has relative meaning: Sonderlust taken from its root Sonder is not a real word. Sonder is said to mean the awareness that everyone around you has a complex life of his or her own. “Sonder” was created by an artist named John Koenig and he has a blog called The Dictionary of Obscure.sonderlust
  2. He is a former member of the band Of Montreal. Enough said.
  3. He has released his own coffee line through Jittery Joes called Royal Daark Blend. Kishi Bashi was generous enough to offer a free download with each
  4. He is a mulit-instrumentalist. Kishi Bashi plays the guitar, violin, keyboards , and programming.
  5. He thinks the 70’s was the golden age of recording.