Press Play: Goat

In the search for a sound that is truly alternative sometimes it becomes difficult to find a noise that doesn’t resemble more of the same.  It’s that struggle of running away from the mundane. It’s wanting the thrill of the chase, and the excitement of experiencing something new.  It’s seeking out the adrenaline uncertainty. Often times, we miss the mystery of being unsure of the way the music is going to go.  Goat is a band that takes us to that feeling. Here are 5 reasons to press play on Goat:

  1. They are traditional in an untraditional way. The band says that there have been traditional recordings under the band name Goat for 30 to 40 years, but they are not playing on those. The sound that they have is very different from previous incarnations of Goat, but the tradition of playing together under the name and the spirit behind it is the same.
  2. It’s their tradition to keep an open mind. The band was raised in a village that welcomed visitors to bring their own sound from different parts of the world. Goat has held onto this mindset, and it has heavily influenced their music.
  3. The band believed in the concept of being open-minded so much they decided to title their first album World Music. They find it strange that people often speak of the genre World music with disdain because they are of the belief that very artist who creates music is creating World music.goat-world-music
  4. The keeps their mystical appeal during live shows by wearing masks.  When asked why they do this they said, “We will play in masks. We think music sounds better without the connection to individuals and that we are connected to the listeners by the music. There are also reasons that are connected to the culture we grew up in. In northern Sweden – it is hard to explain in English – it is about not drawing attention to yourself. The important thing is what you do, not who does it. This is why we never have tried to make ourselves heard before now.”goat
  5. Their sound is hard to pin down because it varies from track to track. They can be best described as unique. But, if you’re searching for something more concrete Goat can be classified as Experimental rock, Psychedelic rock, Acid rock, Hard rock, Afrobeat, Worldbeat, World music, or Jazz fusion.  There is something in their music for everyone if listeners are willing to follow their example of keeping an open mind.


Be sure to press play on Goat’s newest album: Requiem. It will be a revival.