Press Play: Regina Spektor

Artists walk the thin line of creating edgy, unique, and at best acceptably abstract music. Often times, they fall off of the tightrope because they shift the weight too far to one side. They either error towards playing it  too safe to the point that their sound comes across as a regurgitation of music that the audience has heard, or it is so abstract that it’s a complete turnoff.  One artist balances the circus act of being an artist very well. Here are 5 Reasons to press play on Regina Spektor:


      1. You’ve probably already heard her and loved her. Spektor’s most well-known vocal performance on the theme song ” The Animal” for the Netflix hit Orange Is the New Black.onb
      2. She knows how to use a metaphor to tackle complex social issues. Check out her song: The Trapper and the furrier.
      3. Her sound will satisfy your closeted appetite for something that resembles musical theater. See what I mean by listening to Sellers of Flowers.
      4. Music is meditative for her, and that experience transcends to her listeners. She recently told CBS in an interview what writing music is like she says, “It’s almost like some kind of a meditative thing where you’re just like turning a rock over in your hands and you think you’ve done it for maybe 30, 40 minutes and you look up and it’s really been like seven hours, you know?” Spektor said, breaking into a smile. “Until the words are just right in your mouth and everything just fits right and then you’re like, ‘I wrote a song!’ it’s so, ‘Yes, I’m so happy!’” This is exactly how listeners feel listening to her album. It’s easy to get lost in it. Check out that interview here:
      5. She is relatable for those listeners that are emotional souls. She told Rolling Stone, “I feel like I’m sort of built for emotional experiences. I think that’s just how I go through the world, and how I think. I think that it all just kind of goes in, you know? So I have that, and I have things that I go through with my family, and it’s just … it’s just everything! Sometimes I watch something happen on a street corner, and then it’s an intense emotional experience for me!”  Check out that interview here.

Be sure to check Regina Spektor’s full-album Remember Us to Life.


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