Press Play: Alejandro Escovedo

Alejandro Escovedo is a singer/songwriter that teaches us that anything is possible with determination. The native Texan rock star that was born of Mexican immigrant parents has accomplished so many things. Many of these triumphs did not come without tragedy. Escovedo endured each hardship and used them to fuel his creativity. He began his career as a collaborator when he started performing with the rock group: artistThe Nuns.  Escovedo ultimately ventured to pursue music on his own, but never forgot the importance of collaboration. He has released 15 albums between 1992 and 2016, and his latest is a testament to all of the things he has learned over the years about music and life. His newest album Burn Something Beautiful lives up to its name. It is beautiful. Here are 5 reasons to press play on Alejandro Escovedo:

  1. He is an overcomer. Escovedo has had to overcome challenges that most people never experience in their lifetime. He has contended with and defeated death. Escovedo was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and nearly lost his life to the disease. He recently had another brush with death in the form of a hurricane while on his honeymoon in Mexico. The experience left the music artist with post-traumatic stress disorder. He has overcome these challenges and been bold enough to self-disclose his emotions behind them in his latest album.
  2. Escovedo keeps good company. He has been a collaborator since the beginning of his career, but who he collaborates with has enhanced and expanded. Burn Something Beautiful was co-produced with R.E. M’s Peter Buck and Minus 5’s Scott McCaughey.
  3. The singer/songwriter is impenitent about his opinions and beliefs. He recently disclosed to Rolling Stone how he feels about the current political climate and Donald Trump. He says, “To see so much divisiveness and racism, that’s never a good thing, for those of us who would rather see unity than division, it’s a total blow. I don’t think he’s funny, I don’t think he’s clever. He’s an ugly person.”
  4. His album is an ode to his Mexican heritage. Escovedo dedicated this album to his parents and to immigrants who he thinks have made this country great. It is an obvious response to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.
  5. Escovedo is aware of the mark he has left on the world. He understands the importance of leaving a legacy after death. It is important for humans to contribute to the world. Many artists do so in the form of stories because stories are timeless. Burn Something Beautiful in a sense is something timeless. It will have burned its beautiful mark into the world and left for listener enjoyment for years to come.


Be sure to press play on Alejandro Escovedo’s newest album Burn Something Beautiful.