Press Play: Stef Chura

Stef Chura is an original retro artist. That description is an oxymoron. So it is an incredible feat to pull off, and pull off well.  This accomplishment may be due to Stef Chura’s longtime dedication to music. Although the artist hasn’t released a lot of music, she has been making music for years. Chura has performed solo acts and under different monikers such as the Stef Chura Band and Diskette. She also played bass for a short time in the band Long Whisker. The songs she has released has audiences absolutely smitten. It may be her original take on old school sounds, or it could be her misfitting, nerd girl persona mixed with this unapologetic edgy rock sound. She is a contradiction. But no artist has ever made contradiction look so cool. Here are 5 reasons to press play on Stef Chura:

  1. Stef Chura takes time for reflection. In 2013, Chura had a friend pass away. She took the time to ask herself questions such as “What do I need to do before I die to feel accomplished?” and “What would I regret that I hadn’t done if I was on my deathbed?” Chura’s choice to take some time to reflect so that she could make meaning out of a painful experience is a good example for everyone on how to deal with hardship.
  2. She tries to live bravely. Chura says that “Pursuing a creative endeavor can be terrifying.” Her sentiment towards her pursuit of her passion is not unwarranted. Music artists live in a world that devalues their gifts and talents. Many times artists are written off as naïve or their work is reduced having trivial importance. But it is important for us to live in a world that engages our senses. Music can break down barriers and transcend inhibitions in ways that logical appeals cannot, and that is valuable.
  3. Chura freaks out like everyone else. She goes through periods of writer’s block when she loses confidence in her abilities as a writer. It is wonderful that she is honest about these freak-outs because it normalizes the experience for other creative people.
  4. Stef knows how to hook an audience. Again, her sound is old but new, so it’s palatable to suit listeners acquired taste. However, Chura has a distinguished twang in her vocals, and her lyrics are as honest as her interviews. She hooks listeners with her authenticity.
  5. She plays by intuition. This approach makes Stef all the more unique. Her time signatures are unconventional in that they go again traditional song structure. Stef thrives in this place. She finds this approach to be freeing.

Be sure to press play on Stef Chura. She is unique and authentic in every way. She is the real deal.