Press Play: The Allie Lauren Project

Human beings are complex. We experience the world in confusion trying to create a rhyme and reason for natural and supernatural phenomenon that we can’t make sense of. Some of us are able to reason through rhythm, and those of us who are unable appreciate those that are.  Music artists create vibrations that resonate deeply with others, so that we may all participate in the shared experience of trying to navigate the complexity of life with some sort of comfort or relativity.  There is one local band who embodies everything we look for to connect with a band.  Their music is representative of a collective expression of individual experiences that connect us all to one another.  Here are 5 reasons to press play on Lauren Nicole Clare of The Allie Lauren Project:

  1. She finds strength where she can. Allie is the name of lead singer Lauren Clare’s great grandmother. Most listeners think that it is Clare’s first name. But she explicitly addresses this misconception in the song “Spitfire”. The song is about Clare’s drawing on the courage of her great grandmother to stand up for herself.
  2. She isn’t afraid to be different. Clare has been open in interviews and in her lyrics about experiencing the feeling of isolation. She recalls as a high school student having drastically different career goals than her peers. Of course, in hindsight, she realizes that there is nothing wrong with being different, and those experiences have helped shape who she is and how her music sounds.al_stairs
  3. Her vocals are crazy good.  The singer has an amazing range that is the perfect fit with her style because the sound of her voice alone takes the listener on an evolutionary journey.
  4. Clare isn’t afraid to explore dark themes. The song “Every Morning” is riddled with suspenseful metaphors that represent the anxieties that so many experience when they awaken from peaceful slumbers. It dismantles the common saying that joy comes in the morning. It exposes that discomfort that some may feel when reassured by a stranger to their experience that “tomorrow is a new day”. Instead, the dawn represents the plunge into a sensory overload that ignites overthinking and over processing. Clare makes those who experience those morning anxieties feel less alone.
  5. She is a wonderful communicator. Clare is an example of a creative communicator. She is eloquent when she speaks in her interviews. She expresses her thoughts and feelings with ease. Her music just takes these communication abilities to a higher octave. She translates her experiences to complete strangers in such a way that you feel like you have known her and she has known you forever. She is that person you connect with without speaking. There is something familiar about her. She is authentic. Her authenticity makes her attractive because she feels real and safe in a world where Instagram filters and Facebook photos can make everything seem so fake.


Be sure to press play on The Allie Lauren Project.