Press Play:  Japandroids

Listeners may know Japandroids for their signature sounds of blending punk rock with classic rock.  The duo met in college, and like many college students found themselves to be in the presence of someone who held a common interest. College is a great place to meet people who have similar passions, ambitions, and goals. Tis the tale of Japandroids. The band is an example much more than a mix of musical taste such as Bruce Springsteen meets the Replacements. They can teach many listeners some life lessons as well. Here are 5 reasons to press play on the Japandroids.


  1. They understand the importance of knowing that they don’t want, vs. knowing exactly what they want. The band approached their newest album Near to the Wild Heart of Life by not having a clear idea of what they wanted to come out of the album, but knew what they didn’t want.
  2. The band believes in taking time for self-care. Japandroids are often criticized for the long gaps they have in between albums. These gaps are due to the band taking time after touring for self-care, and by making the commitment to not write on tour.
  3. Their story shows that sometimes life just has a way of working out, even when you’re ready to give up. In the beginning, the duo decided to call it quits just after recording their first studio album because they thought the band wasn’t going anywhere. But, as fate would have it the album became popular after its released and the duo was picked up by an independent Canadian label.
  4. Japandroids understand the importance of branding. The band signature branding is dressing only in black or white. Although they occasionally flirt with wearing gray.
  5. They realize time apart can be beneficial. The two band members now live in different cities, but they say being apart has brought a new energy and excitement to their writing process.

Be sure to press play on Japandroids. They are dishing out great tunes and life lessons.