Press Play: The XX

There are many elements of music that are important. Most of us just want a something that we can relate to. For some, it’s the sound of the music. Resonation exists in clever chord progressions or magnetic melodies. But, for others it’s about the lyrics. The lyrics mean something to our experience. They are easy to identify with. It’s the words or stories about someone else that are so like your own that it makes you feel less alone. The XX newest album has something for everyone. Whether you are there for marvellous music or likeable lyrics. They have you covered. Here are 5 reasons to press play on the XX:

  1. I See You is an album to move to. True to their roots, the XX has some laid back groovable tracks, but they have also included some more energetic, fast-paced pop tracks for full-out dancing.  Check out their song “Dangerous
  2. The album is almost group therapy. All the artist bare their soul on the album, each revealing his/her own individual struggles. Press play on “Performance” and “Replica”.
  3. They take inspiration from unexpected places. The album title I See You was inspired by attending a Drake concert. Drake was calling out to people in the crowd, letting some audience members know he saw them. The band took inspiration from those moments recognizing how validating it is to be seen.
  4. It’s reflective. I See You is a perfect title for an album that is this raw and real. It deals with issues of romantic losses, inner demons, death, faux persona, and self-destruction. It mirrors the ugly parts of humanity that we often to try to avoid talking about because it makes the hideousness of it all too real. But the XX sees it in themselves, and listeners will too.
  5. The album samples some of the greats. The song “Say Something Loving” samples the Alessi Brothers 1976 classic “Do You Feel It?” and “On Hold” samples the Hall and Oates throwback “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do).


Be sure to press play on the XX’s newest album I See You