Press Play: Cherry Glazerr

The American punk band Cherry Glazerr offers interesting insights into what makes their music unique. The band was formed in 2013 by lead vocalist and guitarist Clementine Creevy. Initially, she started the band with Hannah Uribe and Sean Redman who have since departed. But with endings, there are new beginnings. Creevy added Samsi Ashworth in 2016. Ashworth is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist. This year another addition was made by the introduction of the new drum player Tabor Allen. The new trio just released their debut album Apocalipstick. The band offers interesting insights on what it is for them to create a record and what makes them work so well together.

  1. They have a good balance of technical ability and human connection. Creevy says she was craving being around musicians who were better than she is and inspired her. Alternatively, Ashworth spoke highly of Creevy’s ability to make human connections through music. She says classical music training lacks the depth and human connection that Creevy provides. So, what Creevy lacks technically, she makes up for connectively.
  2. The band says you don’t sit down and write a record, it’s born out of what you’re always making. Their writing process is not concretely planned, but instead is more organic. Their albums are born out of an immense amount of time spent playing together.
  3. Cherry Glazerr thinks of a record as a snapshot for the listener. They say it captures a specific special moment, but couldn’t possibly encapsulate everything that goes into and around that moment.
  4. Technology has helped save their creativity. Creevy uses voice memos to kick start songwriting process. She will record the melody in her mind onto memos on her phone and expand on those memos with Ashworth and Allen later.
  5. They think recording provides space to experiment. Cherry Glazerr says one thing they have learned you can’t hear anything in a practice space. But, recording allows the space for them to hear all the parts and to expand on and polish the parts they didn’t hear in practice.

           Be sure to press play on Cherry Glazerr. You won’t be disappointed.