Press Play: Ten Fe

Ten Fe is a rock and roll duo whose name means “have faith” in Spanish.  Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan are natives of London who definitely work to make sure their message lines up with their name. The duo just released their debut album Hit the Light to encourage listeners in times that seem dark. Here are 5 reasons to press play on Ten Fe.

  1. They believe in optimism. This may come as a surprise because they are known to make some pretty heavy and dark tunes. However, they have said in interviews that they, “don’t think it’s ever felt right to just present something that’s dark, without having something to counter it”.
  2. Ten Fe are overcomers. The duo started off playing music as a hobby in the London Underground scene, and once they decided to be a band worked very hard to create music that they loved and create a source of income from.
  3. Both band members place a great deal of importance on connecting to their audience. This is because of their humble beginnings. Because they started out playing in London’s underground on the tube (the subway) they grew used to that intimate connection that proxemics created with their audience.
  4. Ten Fe will play what people want to hear. Sometimes this means playing old songs that they haven’t written. Their decision to play classic songs what the element that got people’s attention, and initiated the realization that they could make money playing music.
  5. They don’t believe in limiting themselves. Band member Ben Moorhouse says, “It doesn’t feel like there’s any limits to it. There’s things we haven’t even talked about yet which could points towards where it goes next”.


Be sure to press play on Ten Fe’s album Hit the Light.  It will light up your world.