Press Play: The Menzingers

The American punk band The Menzingers just released a new album.  After the Party is the band’s fifth studio album to date. The new album will be enjoyable for long time fans and newcomers. The Menzingers do a great job of taking listeners on their collective self-actualization journeys. So, whether listeners are just becoming interested in personal evolution or have been self-examining for a while, there is something for everyone. Here are 5 reasons to press play on The Menzingers:


  1. The album is reflective. The song “Tellin Lies” is ode to the band’s days spent as 20 somethings, and it a question to what the future looks like now that the band is getting older. The wonder of what is to come is relatable to all people.
  2. We can relate to the conflicting emotions on the songs. Particularly, the song “Bad Catholics” is sure to stir relative emotions in listeners. The song details the internal conflict one experiences when running into a past lover. It reminds us that emotions are not cut and clear, but often murky and mixed.
  3. The band normalizes anxiety. Listeners who hear “Your Wild Years” may feel comforted knowing that all us experience anxiety in our everyday lives.
  4. Magnifies the human tendency to want to go back and relive moments. Much of After the Party is longing for the carefree and chaotic experiences that come with you. It offers that nostalgic longing for less complicated and less consequential times in life.
  5. They balance heavy content with upbeat music. Although much of the subject matter is heavy, the band gracefully excavates these relative human experiences to the tune of upbeat pop punk.

Be sure to press play on The Menzingers newest album After the Party.