Press Play: Ty Segall

Ty Segall is many things.  First he is an American garage rock artist, but beyond that he is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and record producer. He is a native Californian. He’s a boyfriend.  There are many reasons to celebrate Ty Segall. Here are 5 reasons to get to know Ty Segall, and press play on his new album Ty Segall.

  1. The artist likes his alone time. More often than not, Segall records himself and plays all the instruments himself, but for this newest album he went a different route.
  2. Segall plays well with others, and more than just musically.  For an artist that can come across as extremely independent he grants that same opportunity to band members he works with. In the case of this newest album, Segall gave his playing and recording mates, The Muggers, free reign to create. He says a rule for the band was “to just be free”.
  3. He wants the music to do more than just enter listener’s ears. He wants listeners to experience the “physical change” he experienced when he first entered the punk scene listening to bands like the Smell.
  4. He can write a great love song. The song “Orange Color Queen” is dedicated to his girlfriend, and is will make listeners hearts spill over with emotions about the special people in their lives.
  5. He’s okay with himself. Obviously because this is his second  self-titled album. He is fine with his putting own name on his work even those unusual times when he enlists the help of others.