Press Play: Castlecomer

You may hear the name Castlecomer and think of the former coal-mining town in Ireland, but there is more than meets the ear. Hopefully, after reading this press play article the name will ring much more than a geography bell in your ears.  Castlecomer is quintet from Sydney, Australia with Irish roots, hence the choice in name. The band took inspiration from the famous Mumford and Sons and haven’t stopped their momentum since. If you aren’t sold yet, then here are five reasons to press play on Castlecomer.

  1. They keep it in the family, well sort of. The band consists of four cousins, and their childhood friend Joe. More specifically, the band consist of four cousins, two brothers and one best friend, but hey who is needs the details right?
  2. They have an element a lot of other bands don’t, and that’s longevity. The five have been playing and singing together since childhood. This longevity has allowed them to perfect aspects of their music performance like their incredible five-part harmonies.
  3. They stand up for women. The band’s most recent album All of the Noise was written as an acknowledgement to the power of women. The track “Judy” is a great first introduction to the album themes.
  4. The band can narrow things down in a good way. The newest album All of the Noise started out with 50 tracks, and the band was able to narrow it down to just five. They have jokingly said that it is one of the perks of being in a quintet, everyone gets one song each.
  5. Castlecomer describes their music as “pop rock dance music”. This should hint to listeners that they can expect energetic music that will inspire to them move.


Be sure to press play on Castlecomers newest album All of the Noise.