Press Play: Dirty Projectors

If you’re looking for a band to grow and change with, then look no further. The Dirty Projectors is an American indie band that was formed in 2002 by longtime front-man David Longstreth.  Longstreth formed the band while studying at Yale. The band has released eight full-length albums since its incarnation. The most recent album Dirty Projectors is probably the most personal to date. Longstreth has made it clear that this is a breakup album that was inspired by his breakup with former band mate Amber Coffman. It is the pinnacle work by a man who has seen plenty of people come and go but held onto the one thing that has always been there no matter what ; music. Here are 5 reasons to Press Play on the Dirty Projectors:

  1. Longstreth is still open to learning. In the mist of recovering from his break-up, Longstreth was working with A-list artists such as Kanye West and Solange. Longstreth has said even though that time was really hard for him he learned a lot from Kanye’s producer.
  2. He is brutally honest. The track “Keep Your Name” is about the small differences that tear people apart. Longstreth says explicitly that the song is about Brexit.

  3. Dirty Projectors has given listeners so many starting points. There are at least eight entry points to get to know who The Dirty Projectors are. You could start at the beginning with the first album The Glad Fact, or you could work your way back from the most recent and self-titled album the Dirty Projectors, or you could start in the middle with The Getty Address and work your way out. No matter where you start, you will not be disappointed.

4. Longstreth doesn’t hold a grudge. Although this newest album is very dark and centered on  separation that did not stop Longstreth from co-producing his ex-girlfriend/bandmate Amber Coffman’s solo album City of No Reply.

5. Longstreth has a reputation for being and extremely hard worker. The artist often kept his bandmates in 12 hour rehearsals.

Be sure to check out all of the Dirty Projectors work, but keep a special ear out for the newest album Dirty Projectors.