Press Play: Temples

If you’re looking for a band that will fill your ears with thoughtful melodies and critical thoughts then be sure to press play on Temples.  Temples formed was formed in 2012 by Tom Walmesly. The band has the traditional make up of vocals, guitar, keys, bass, and drums. However, there is nothing traditional about the psych rock band that hails from Kettering, England. I’ll explain what I mean. Here are 5 reasons to press play on Temples.


  1. They value collaboration over competition. The lead vocalist James Bagshaw and the bass player/backup vocalist Thomas Walmesly had known each other for years before forming Temples. The two began their journey in rival bands in their hometown, but eventually ended up working together in other bands, but ultimately the two began their journey as Temple by uploading their first collaboration as a duo.
  2. The new music video for the track “”Strange or Be Forgotten” is incredible. The video displays like a Hollywood film. It’s narrative, and open at the same time. The video displays the differences in people that one can capture in snapshot moments, and elucidates the vulnerability that can be captured in photograph. Check that out here.
  3. Temples is a good description for the band’s process. Band member James Bagshaw says he is inspired most to create music when he steps away from listening to other artist’s music. This admission is reminiscent of what people do when they are looking for life guidance. They go to a sacred, and often isolated place, a temple, so to speak.
  4. The artists aren’t going for retro. Temples believes is evolving with the technology instead of fighting it. Because of this the band can make music that embodies growth and progression.
  5. The band is always focused on doing better with their craft. Their previous album Sun Structures was received well, but the band isn’t focused on that. In fact, they try not to think about that album. They aren’t trying to repeat the formula of Sun Structures because it worked, well. Instead, they are working on new formulas that surpass the success of the first.


Be sure to press play on Temples newest album Volcano.