Press Play: Tuxedo

If your musical taste includes sweet, and mellow then you want to check out the Tuxedo. Their name lives up to their sound because they create soul vibrations that are clean and classy. The duo has been active since 2008, and has released five studio albums since their incarnation. Here are 5 reasons to Press Play on Tuxedo.


  1. They haven’t forgotten about their roots. The band’s name was inspired by the duo’s singer Mayer Hawthorne’s grandmother. Mayer says his grandma was always super stylish and classy. Mayer says that she owned her clothing store and commanded attention in every room she entered.
  2. Tuxedo is a duo of team players. Jake One wasn’t a fan of the group’s name originally because he didn’t want to wear the signature tuxedo, but he trusted his partner’s judgement, and the recognizable tuxedo has established a way for the duo to brand themselves in a recognizable way.
  3. The duo introduces many of their tracks with smooth intros. Mayer has disclosed that he is a huge fan of Barry White, and the smooth intros are inspired by his love of Barry White.
  4. Mayer and Jake are both great separate and phenomenal when they are working together. Mayer has experienced high record sales, while Jake has worked with prominent hip-hop artists ranging from Drake to Kendrick Lamar.
  5. The two wanted to make album that would move listeners; literally. Many of the tracks on the album were intended to be danceable tracks.


If you’re looking for funky sound that is easy to move to be sure to Press Play on the Tuxedos.