World Culture Music Festival Coming to Tulsa

The second annual World Culture Music Festival will be returning to downtown Tulsa from May 18 through May 22 to showcase local Hip-Hop talent. The event will feature musical acts through Friday and Saturday from many up and coming, underground and independent artist in Tulsa and surrounding areas. Other than local Hip-Hop acts, the entire festival will span five days  beginning on Thursday and going through Monday with events aimed at helping propel artists’ careers as well as providing a platform for community growth.

There will be a wide range events held at the World Culture Music Festival including: Got Steeze presented by Earl Hazard, with the goal to support artists and amplify their talents nationwide by providing services including consulting, PR, marketing, event planning and writing; Cypher120: Experience, which  provides the Tulsa’s bolstering underground scene a platform for its combined style of poetry and jazz influenced by the Harlem Renaissance and 1980’s Hip Hop; and #TheProgression, which essential purpose is to encourage self and community progress by urging its followers to get involved in the community and form connections with others with the same goal. A full list of events can be found here.

The festival will be held in the Soundpony Lounge and The Yeti, two venues well-known in Tulsa for fostering the growth and development of the Tulsa Hip-Hop scene. The Soundpony was voted best venue for original live music from Urban Tulsa’s “Best of Tulsa” in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. The Yeti is the home of the WCMF Progression, Indy Pot, Cypher 120, Favored N Flavored, and also the Monday night Situation stages.

The festival is free to anyone 21+ but as the goal is aimed to help further the Tulsa Hip-Hop scene, donations are greatly appreciated.