Press Play: Banditos

The Nashville based group, Banditos are a rock band you need to get familiar with and on June 23rd, you’ll have your chance when they release their second LP, Visionland, through Bloodshot Records.

The six-piece group, who recently moved to Music City after forming in Birmingham, AL in 2010, have a fresh, yet familiar sound that will resonate with classic rock lovers. As it was with their highly acclaimed debut album from 2015, Banditos mash up rock with honky tonk, country, soul, garage and blues to create a new record that sets them apart from their peers.

The opening song on Visionland, “Fine Fine Day”, sets the pace for what is to be a an extremely fun album. The song starts as alternative country, with guitarist Corey Parsons and banjo player Stephen Pierce on vocals, then transitions into a jam band type track with garage rock guitar shredding. It’s then followed by one of the best songs on the album, “Strange Heart”, sung by the thunderous voice of Mary Beth Richardson who’s accompanied with bluesy guitar and banjo riffs.

Their honky tonk sound shines strong in the song “Thick N’ Thin”, which also infuses soul through the use of background singers. The mood of the album then slows down with “Healin’ Slow”, a gloomy composition about losing someone close and letting go. The tempo picks back up immediately, however, with “Lonely Boy” until closing with a bang on , “DDT”, a country rock track that’s heavy on the banjo.

With another solid effort in Visionland, Banditos have created an album that virtually all classic rock and southern rock enthusiasts will enjoy.