Downtown Boys Release New Song “Lips That Bite”

The Providence, Rhode Island saxophone driven punk band, Downtown Boys, have always approached music from a unique point of view. The band frequently writes about the issues surrounding Latin communities, women, and underrepresented groups. The band has confronted hegemony and social issues while consistently growing an audience.

While one could easily call Downtown Boys a punk band, their sound changes from song-to-song and from album-to-album. The band’s 2015 release Full Communism featured a sound comparable to X-Ray Spex, but with some American hardcore influences. The new album comes on a new label, though. Signing to Sub Pop has brought the band more publicity and exposure. With a wider audience, will we hear a new sound? The latest single “Lips That Bite” features a more subdued tempo and some smooth production. Listen to it below:

So far, the band has released three songs from the album. You can check them out below. Head over to our Facebook and let us know what you think.

While you’re at it, listen to Downtown Boys talk with Riot Radio from 2016.