Press Play: Lo Tom

Lo Tom is a band created out of a love of music. But, more importantly, a love for jamming out with friends. This carefree, unrestrained character fills their self-titled debut album. However, what sets this band apart from other groups is the sheer talent involved.

The band consisted of four members, all with a long history in the indie-rock scene:


David Bazan, from Seattle, was the founder and lead vocalist of Pedro the Lion. He also created the synth rock band Headphones and was a member of both Overseas and The Undertow Orchestra.


Trey Many is the drummer for Starflyer 59 and White Lighter. He also founded the band Velour 100.


Jason Martin, from southern California, is the founder and lead vocalist of Starflyer 59. He has been a member of many other bands including Bon Voyage, Pony Express, Neon Horse, and The Brothers Martin.


TW Walsh, from Massachusetts, is a frequent collaborator with Bazan. He was a member of Pedro the Lion in its later years, as well as Headphones. Walsh plays multiple instruments and is a respected sound engineer.


As you can see, there is much overlap in past projects between the members. All of them have met and toured together several times over the past decades, before finally forming the band last year.

Their product: Lo Tom, an 8 song album of pure rock … with a chihuahua wearing sunglasses on its cover.

Pretty much the idea of Lo Tom is presenting serious questions with a happy-go-lucky demeanor, as with their last single “Covered Wagons.” The song discusses societal regression with a flippant ease. The same tongue-in-cheek look at life is present throughout the album with different subjects.

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