Press Play: Coast Modern

Coast Modern is an indie-pop duo out of Los Angeles. Made up of Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp, the two met in 2014. By 2015, they would make their first single “Hollow Life.”

Flash-forward two years, Coast Modern has now released their self-titled debut album.


The album Coast Modern is a musical exploration that isn’t afraid of going to insane places. This is evident by the fact that it contains 18 tracks. It includes songs from the band’s inception, like “Hollow Life,” and many new tracks for their fans. Important to note, the album includes many “interludes” that are meant to depict the band’s process, showcasing the unique and bizarre nature of the duo.



Some of the songs deal with relationships and break-ups, while some address wanting to go back to simpler times. In fact, the whole album is reminiscent of the wonder of childhood and contains an intense feeling of nostalgia.



Coast Modern is on tour, but does not have a show in Oklahoma. However, they will be in Kansas City on September 14 and in many venues in Texas at the beginning of October.

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