Press Play: Prism Tats

The “Pacifist Masochist” singer/songwriter Garett van der Spek has recently released a new EP titled 11:11. Van der Spek, better known by his stage name Prism Tats, had success last year when he released his self-titled debut album. [Read more:]

11:11 consists of five songs. “Brainwaves,” “Prole Pop,” “Used To Be Cool,” “Modern Future Noise,” and the title track “11:11.” Each song has a unique sound and offers an interesting look into the mind of Prism Tats. Listen here to the opening track:

Prism Tats continues the previous album’s post-punk and synth pop sensibilities. While 11:11 appears to have a lighter tone than his debut album, there is still the underlying darkness that has become synonymous with the one-man band’s identity.

And, Garett van der Spek certainly is a one-man band. He writes and performs all of his music. Not only does he provide the vocals to his songs, but he also plays the guitar, drum machine, and bass synth featured on the EP. Interesting to note, 11:11 is produced by Chris Woodhouse, who has produced works by Ty Segall, ! ! ! , and Wild Flag.

Though he was born in South Africa, Prism Tats now lives in Los Angeles. The sound and atmosphere of the city lives in his music. This is clear in many of his music videos, including the new one made for the title track off the album.

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