Press Play: Vista Kicks

Vista Kicks often gets compared to the Beatles. They are a quartet. And, they have a similar aesthetic to some of their later work. Musically, you can hear some influence, but the band combines many different genres and styles to create their unique sound.

The band is made up of four childhood friends from Sacramento. Two years ago, they moved to Los Angeles and, within a year, they created an EP titled Chasing Waves to much acclaim. Recently, Vista Kicks released their first full-length album titled Booty Shakers Ball.

The sound of Vista Kicks can almost perfectly be summed up as rock ‘n’ roll with a groove. It’s AC/DC meets the Bee Gees by way of the late 60’s Beatles. And, it’s pure fun. For proof, check out this awesome jam session of “Gotta Get Away,” the album opener:

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