RSU Students Produce Entertaining Podcasts

As part of their final project, Rogers State University students created podcasts based on their interests. These students were part of the Audio Production course, which is a class many Communications students take early in their time at RSU.

12 College Lifestyle Tips with Maylin K. – Maylin gives some advice on the college experience straight from a college student

Coffee With Katie – Grab a cup and get caffeinated, as Katie talks about health

Cool Beans with DaCoda – Guest Gustus Pennington talks about being an independent artist

Final Thoughts on Film – Braden “The Film Fanboy” reviews Edgar Wright’s movieĀ Baby Driver

Creedling’s Fashion 5 – Creedling talks looks, function, and trends in winter fashion

Oh Baby A Triple Podcast – JayRoss asks a couple of his classmates the important questions

Red Dirt Sports – Take a look at the College Football Playoff with Jordan

Em’s Movie Moments – Emily reviews the movie Only the Brave

For My Eyes Only – Your host Kenna takes an introspective look back at journal entries from when she was a kid

Game Talk with Ethan – Ethan Allen takes a few minutes to talk about the new Call of Duty: WWII game

WrestleDerp! – The podcast that talks about the strange things in wrestling.

Media Mirror – Host Andrew looks at how media and society reflect each other

College Talk – Shelby and guest talk about the stresses and experiences of a college student athlete

Supervillains of the Galaxy – The only podcast presented form the perspective of the villains

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