Brand New Music From Local Psych-Rock Group Helen Kelter Skelter

I dare you to say Helen Kelter Skelter Melter five times fast without tripping over your words.

The Norman band Helen Kelter Skelter is about to drop its sophomore full-length album, Melter on January 19th and it is the perfect blend of psychedelia, punk, and garage rock. The band consists of Eli Wimmer on vocals, Cody Clifton on bass, drummer Scott Twitchell, Jay Jamison on keyboard and synthesizer, and guitarist Tim Gregory. A follow-up to their first self-titled album, Melter stands out with a sound of its own. Having more time together as a band has helped them in creating the sophomore album. “To us it sounds like the finished product of the past couple of years of being in a band together and working out songs”, says Tim Gregory.

Melter will melt your brain with its psych-rock sound that flows well throughout the entire album. Its psychedelic tendencies stand out in a great way in the local rock scene right now. Guitar, drums, and synth are given the spotlight throughout the album while Wimmer’s vocals flow perfectly with the music. Gregory says that the inspiration for the album came from the band’s favorite artists that range from a classical composer, Modest Mussorgsky, to a similar sounding psych-rock group, Dead Meadow.  Books and movies are also sources of inspiration when creating their music. According to Gregory, the lo-fi album doesn’t necessarily have a specific message behind the groovy guitar and Wimmer’s entrancing vocals.  “That’s totally up to the listener,” he said, “the meaning is in the ear of the beholder”.

“GUUD”, the first single from Melter, gives a solid idea of what the rest of the album is like. Wimmer’s vocals float through the garage rock feel that the guitars and drums give. The music video envelopes the psychedelic sense of the song with a trippy blend of colors and patterns behind the band members who are mostly only shown as solid colors. Ben King, a fellow Norman artist from the band BRONCHO makes his appearance in the video in a yellow jumpsuit and purple round sunglasses.

Helen Kelter Skelter’s Melter release party with The Shelter People at Mercury Lounge will be on January 20th at 10:00 pm. If you miss that show, they will be at The Vanguard with the Manta Rays on February 2nd.

Melter is available for pre-order on Helen Kelter Skelter’s website and their Bandcamp profile. You can get the album on vinyl, CD, and a digital download.  Their singles “GUUD” and “Minding” are ready for listen on Bandcamp.



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