Skating Polly’s New Single Takes the Crown

Skating Polly, a sibling alternative rock band from Edmond has a new single out from their upcoming album The Make It All Show. The single, “Queen for a Day”, is a catchy track with powerful lyrics. The song and music video are based off of the popular 1950s TV game show, Queen for a Day, where four women would compete with each other by sharing their hardships. The winner was chosen by how loudly the audience cheered for them. The contestants would win whatever they had asked for as well as appliances and money. The show was ultimately degrading to women, pitting them against each other with their tragic stories for only one to walk away with an immense amount of prizes while the others walked away with nothing.

The music video for “Queen for a Day”  is a satire of the show, complete with a judge, known as Dink, and three women competing against each other by doing various house chores such as knitting or baking with a big smile on their face the entire time. The audience’s cheers are put on a scale that ranges from “Boo Hoo!” to “She’s On Fire!” By the end of the show the woman with the lowest score breaks her perfect, put-together façade that women are expected to always have, and attacks the winner. All three women end up fighting each other while the judge stands back and laughs at the orchestrated cat fight. This satire is a hit at the patronizing of men who hold power over women.

Skating Polly’s “Queen for a Day” is a feminist empowerment anthem that shines through the music scene right now. You can hear the song on their website and preorder The Make It All Show on CD and red splatter vinyl on their website. The Make It All Show will be released on May 4.