Gorillaz Announce New Album, Release Two Songs

Update: Since publishing the original article, Gorillaz have released two new songs from The Now Now. Check out the official music video for “Humility” and the audio for “Lake Zurich” below.

Original article: Gorillaz are known to take extended periods between albums. With five albums in 16 years, and one of those being a fan-club only album recorded on an iPad, the idea of two releases in roughly one year threw many off-guard. The Now Now is officially coming June 29th. This has been confirmed by the band’s artist Jamie Hewlett, and some early marketing.






According to Consequence of Sound, both Hewlett and songwriter Damon Albarn are looking to take the cartoon group in new directions this summer. While no samples of the work is available yet, fans won’t have to wait long to get a taste of the new direction. The band released a video teaser featuring an 80’s disco-esq soundtrack and fuzzy neon imagery. It is unclear if this song will be on the album, or if it represents the new sound.