New Programs Hit the Airwaves at RSU Radio

RSU Radio is excited to announce programming changes to our specialty program lineup. These changes will add diversity to our sound, replace several shows going off air, and continue to build a great selection of alternative programming you will not hear on other radio stations. From new locally produced programs, to new national additions, each day’s lineup will feature progressive sounds and shows destined to be new favorites.

Sundays will get the biggest facelift with several new programs. Planet Nouveau is a new twist on old favorites. Host Cade will play a variety of 80’s pop and new wave. Whether hearing these songs for the first time ever, or the first time in 30 years, listeners are sure to enjoy these retro sounds. Planet Nouveau airs Sundays from 1-2 pm. Sunday afternoons will also be getting an island kick with a reprise of the popular Rude Boy Radio. Rude Boy Sundays adds an hour of reggae, ska, and rocksteady to your weekend. This new hour of reggae airs at 2 pm. Finally, to add to the bluegrass programming that has been a mainstay on Sunday evenings, RSU radio welcomes Ozark Highlands Radio to our program schedule. The show is produced in Mountain View, Arkansas, at the Ozark Folk Center State Park. It will include live performances, interviews, and the history behind one of the area’s most popular genres of music. Ozark Highlands Radio airs Sundays at 9 pm.

Tuesdays will get a bit heavier with the inclusion of 60 Watts. Produced in Seattle, the birthplace of grunge, this show focuses on modern underground alternative and rock music. DJ Tony Rocky Horror plays a mix of hard rock, punk, and heavy alternative, with artists like Turnstile, Metz, The Jesus Lizard, and Glassjaw. This show is a perfect follow-up to Riot Radio. The one-hour program starts at 8 pm.

Wednesdays are becoming a night to celebrate world and cultural music. The Latin Alternative, a show that plays Latin artists who play in alternative genres, will start the night off at 6 pm. This will be followed up by Sabor Latino at 7 pm, playing music from all over the Latin countries. Rounding off the evening will be The Spice of Life at 8 pm. This show features an eclectic mix of styles from all over the world.

Saturday will get our final new addition starting at 6 pm. Café Chill is a mix of downtempo and chill EDM, produced by KNHC Productions in Seattle, Washington at the studios of C89.5 FM. Your curator is Seth Bolin. You can use this show to relax after a long week, or as a build up for our more energetic EDM show, The Saturday Night Trip at 7 pm.

RSU Radio is also excited to add a second airing of The Guestlist with Sean Cannon, Sunday nights at 11 pm. This program features interviews and guest DJ lists from some of the coolest musicians in the indie scene. Finally, weekday evenings will also feature the new 2-minute program Travelers in the Night. This quick look to the skies will give listeners a chance to learn about objects traveling through space, and get a glimpse of what is happening outside of our planet’s atmosphere.

With a wide variety of new programs hitting the airwaves soon, RSU Radio is happy to include these new programs in our weekly rotation of true alternative music. See our programming page for a full schedule of shows on RSU Radio.