Press Play: Wild Pink

Ambivalent and honest, Yolk in the Fur by Wild Pink unpacks its suitcase and settles into a listener’s life. The record is both confession and story. Sometimes it says too much; in this sense of oversharing, the listener finds themselves transported into these tales.

And that’s exactly how Wild Pink frontman John Ross wants it. He uses his music as a form of catharsis, often spilling his guts freely in songs then withholding in conversation. Ross pulls lyrics straight from his life. Hidden away in his phone’s notes are lines and ideas from conversations and observations.

While creating modern sound, there’s something undeniably timeless about Wild Pink. Their classic rock heroes, Petty, Springsteen, and Browne, are largely to blame (or rather, to thank) for the instant classic feel. Bassist TC Brownell and drummer Dan Keegan weave lush textures that bounce behind the tracks on Yolk. They keep things light with this newest release. The 2018 album follows their self-titled record released only one year prior and 4 Songs from 2016.

In lead single, “Lake Erie”, we’re driving past the remnants of an accident. Ross’s story then pulls us to an in-between place of memory in “There is a Ledger”; lips blowing a cup of coffee cool and conversations with somebody who was once close. “Love is Better” takes us to a coastal dive, where an aged man hums with the radio. Here’s the once-upon-a-time of the album, “Burger Hill”:

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