Sports Is Back with New Singles

The wait is over for new music from Sports! The Oklahoma-based band has released singles that are hopefully leading up to more music this summer. “Don’t Tell Me” and “Shiggy” both sound like they could be coming from a different era with some funk sensibilities while also keeping a modern electronic sound. The indie-pop band has been releasing incredible music a unique flair since their debut album Naked All The Time in 2015. Their sophomore album, People Can’t Stop Chillin, was released the next year.

“Don’t Tell Me” was released June 24 and “Shiggy” was released July 11. Sports released videos that accompany the single releases on their YouTube page. They’re both linked below so that you can be entranced with a dark background and the reflection of shiny suits. The music isn’t bad, either.

The band has been playing shows all over the country. They’ll be coming home to OKC to play a show at The Jones Assembly on July 21. It’s a free show and according to their tour schedule, will be the only show in Oklahoma for at least a couple of months. If you want to see them live, more details can be found on The Jones Assembly Facebook page. More information on shows, merch, and music updates can be found on Sports’ website.

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