New Music Video from No Kind of Rider

No Kind of Rider has perfected a haunting and ethereal sound in their first full-length album, Savage Coast. The five-piece indie rock band is originally from Tulsa, but currently, call Portland their home. The first single that led to the release of their debut album was “Distinct” in 2017. The group released four other singles before the album was released in July.

Several members of the band lost close loved ones during the production of Savage Coast. The feeling of grief and healing reflects in the recording of some of the songs. A theme of loss and renewal stands out in the recently released music video for “Autumn”. The gloomy Pacific Northwest setting fits the vibe of the song and the entire album.

The steady and unnerving tone of No Kind of Rider’s debut release is beautiful to listen to. Everyone has experienced loss in some way, making “Autumn” relatable. You can watch the music video below and listen to Savage Coast here.