Press Play: Culture Abuse

There’s something very self-help book about Culture Abuse’s latest album, Bay Dream.  From its clarity to its heartfelt sincerity, Bay Dream takes you by the hand and, much like mom or dad, gives you lessons on loving yourself and others and dealing with life’s ever-changing nature.

The band had to learn these lessons the hard way: the loss of several close friends, an inability to pay rent, and a painful diagnosis.  After the five members of Culture Abuse moved into their fifteen-by-fifteen windowless box of a practice space, they created Peach, a bleak debut shouting at the world.  The album is packed with the gritty anger found during the removal of rose-hued glasses and the coming-to-terms with how messy the world can be.

In this chaos, Culture Abuse started touring.  The band found long distance relationships forming with their problems.  They found safe places, happy places.  This is when they started writing and crafting Bay Dream.  Compared to their debut, the new album is a California-sunshine day dream.  It sparkles under light.  Its hooks melt into your brain like sunscreen on your shoulders.

There are still traces of longing in the lines of Bay Dream, though.  Lead singer, David Kelling, finds himself torn between his two worlds.  A world of familiarity, where he can take care of his mom, who was diagnosed with a heart condition in recent years, or touring the country with Culture Abuse.  Whether staying or leaving, Kelling can’t shake the ever-present feeling of potential regret.

All of the turmoil and uncertainty of the past few years have been thrown together then tossed aside.  Culture Abuse is using their music to help others do the same with their problems.  Taking things moment-by-moment, this group of underdog rockers encourages listeners to face problems, feel their feelings, and let go of anxieties.

Life Lessons We Learned:

  1. “Dip” says it’s cool to take it slow and take care of yourself.

2. Take care of the environment, do good for your fellow man, and be kind to yourself in “Bee Kind to the Bugs.”

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