Press Play: The Greeting Committee

For many, the pressures of high school are more than enough to handle, but, in 2014, The Greeting Committee were ready to take on more.  This band started putting out music in 2015.  Ever since, they’ve released 2 EPs, It’s Not All That Bad and Meeting People Is Easy.  Finally, their debut full-length, This Is It, is here.

The Greeting Committee are a group of friends fresh out of high school: singer Addie Sartino, guitarist Brandon Yangmi, drummer Austin Fraser, and bassist Pierce Turcotte.  Sartino is the frontwoman and creator of the band, starting out as a solo act.  Once she realized performing solo was lonely work, she invited Yangmi to join her.  Fraser and Turcotte joined in shortly after.

The Greeting Committee has received warm welcomes over the course of the past few years.  They have toured and played shows with other popular bands, like MisterWives and The Mowglis.  For Sartino, these shows have been fulfilling her childhood dream of being a rock star.

On their record This Is It, the band channels the young energy that has gotten them this far.  For these early 20-somethings, recording an album of coming-of-age stories seems a natural fit. The opening track, “Is This It?”, wonders whether life will get better.  “Pull It Together” is a bouncy, jazzy piece about self-improvement.  The lead single, “17”, is filled with hook-y guitars and hummingbird-paced tambourines.  On this track, Addie Sartino seems wise beyond her years, while still reveling in her youth.  Things slow down for heartfelt song “More”, then picks back up with station-favorite “Run For Your Money”.  “Birthday Song” is the requiem of an aching family.  On their debut record, The Greeting Committee finds a happy balance between full, radiant energy and quiet reflection.

Interpretive dance or confession? See for yourself in video for single “17”.

Watch how it was made here:

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