December Local Music Roundup

Downward-Downward (LP)
These guys probably sound familiar, since they won the 2015 Battle of the Bands People’s Choice award.  In the past couple of years, they played a series of Vanguard shows, toured with several bands (including NVM and Greynier), and have finally released their debut full-length.  The album strikes a perfect balance between its loud and soft moments, and the tracks flow into one another, making the 40-minute record fly by.  Make sure to give this a spin, then head to their record release show at The Vanguard on December 28th.

Smoochie Wallus-Eurydice (LP)
These Tulsa friends came together to create Smoochie Wallus in 2016 and have been playing their funky tunes ever since.  They played an album-release show on the 14th, and the record is available now on Spotify! Just like Orpheus, you’ll be falling for Eurydice.

Plastic Psalms-Plastic Dü (EP)
Plastic Dü is an album of covers from the 1984 Hüsker Dü record, Zen Arcade. Plastic Psalms learned the songs for a Halloween cover show at Colorfeed A/V, an all-ages venue they play often. Just like the original record, Plastic Psalms recorded this release in as few takes as possible. All proceeds from the album will go to the Dennis R. Neil Equality Center.

Lone Wild- “Seasons” (single)
Lone Wild, formerly known as The Fairweather, released “Seasons” as an early Christmas present to their fans, who have eagerly awaited new music. This single follows two earlier tracks, “Stranger Ways” and “Wild Child”, all with a bit of an 80’s flair. We can’t wait to hear more from the Tulsa-based indie rock group.