Press Play: Foxwarren

Mom jeans, fanny packs, mirrored sunglasses: all trends that 2018 brought back to us.   Know what else 2018 brought us? Foxwarren’s highly anticipated debut record.  Unlike some of these trends, the Canadian band is sure to be timeless.

The story of Foxwarren’s creation is as dreamy as their music.  The band members have been friends since childhood.  Over a decade ago, they started recording their first EP in their parents’ farmhouse, even naming their band after this place.  Andy Shauf leads on vocals, piano, and guitar with Dallas Bryson singing and playing guitar alongside him.  Brothers, Darryl and Avery Kissick fill out the band’s sound with bass and percussion, respectively.

Shauf recently ended the years-long recording and touring for his solo work and immediately dug into creating this album with Foxwarren.  As opposed to lonesome recordings, Foxwarren is a highly collaborative venture into what the band could produce.  They experiment with different sounds and get back into the groove of playing together.

At just a 35-minute play time, Foxwarren is reminiscent of a fleeting dream—soft and hazy.  Don’t let the short album length deceive you; the record is rich with flair and surprises.  Opening track, “To Be” is a gentle testing of the waters that quickly gives way to the track “Lost In A Dream” that plunges listeners into the deep-end of  strings and hauntingly-jaunty keys.  Some tracks find themselves slinking, with creeping beats, almost like they’re moving through an underground club on a mission.  Single, “Lost On You”, manages to wrap the album’s sound up quite nicely: Shauf’s hushed vocals, personal lyrics, and lush-yet-unexpected instrumentation.

Although not rocking any of the aforementioned trends, Foxwarren serves vintage vibes in video for “Everything Apart.”

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