Press Play: Tallies

No one wants to become a grown-up.  Yet, there’s an unintentional metamorphosis from carefree youth to (mostly) functioning adult.  This strange, necessary transition is the theme of debut album from Tallies.

Tallies hails from Toronto.  Vocalist Sarah Cogan and lead guitarist Dylan Franklin formed the band after meeting at Ontario’s-own Algonquin College.  Cian O’Neill, a lifelong rock camp friend of Cogan’s, joined in on the drums.  The band’s sound rounded out with the addition of bassist, Stephen Pitman.  Though the band formed recently, the members grew up involved in music, whether attending rock camps, learning instruments as kids, or having parents with cool tastes in tunes.

No longer a group of kids, Tallies starts the transition into adulthood on their debut album.  Although lyrics often face the hard truths of growing up, the album maintains an upbeat air.  The guitar, bass, and drums come together to create the perfect rhythm of a coastal drive: a little surf-rock, a little dream pop.  Cogan’s soft-spoken nature drifts breezily between melancholy and hopeful.

Fall into a daydream with “Beat the Heart” below:

Catch the single, “Mother”, here:

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