Press Play: Miles Francis

1960 brought us the timeless twist. The 80’s gave us the moonwalk.  All the cool kids could do the “Soulja Boy” in the early aughts.  This year’s newest dance craze: the “Sophomore Slump” brought to you by Miles Francis.

Francis brings your strangest sleep-paralysis demons to life, complete with feather boas and shimmying shoulders.  He doesn’t work alone, though; creative soulmate Charles Billot works with Francis to create abstract, disarming, and vivid videos that perfectly match the songs they accompany.

Step 1: Tense up your body.
Step 2: Freeze up your mind.
Step 3: Move around in circles.

You’ll be giving yourself jitters in no time.

In video for single, “Adult Life”, Francis challenges adulthood, depicting a man-child squeezing into a Spiderman suit, lounging in a kiddy pool, and gnawing into a giant gummy bear.  It’s clear the singer prefers the reckless freedom of childhood over the stuffy concept of adulthood.

For “I Could Use Your Love”, Francis and Billot recruit their morph-suited minions for a fever-dream dance party.  Francis explains that these feathered creatures are “doves”, representing the inner voices that start to appear as we inch towards adulthood.

The NY-based solo artist thrives on spontaneity in his process.  He has revealed his second EP, Doves, is set to release February 22nd. To stay up-to-date on Miles Francis, stay tuned in to RSU Radio!

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