Press Play: Pablo Dylan

From the first note, there is something so familiar about Pablo Dylan’s The Finest Somersault.  Aside from the odd-Kanye mention, it sounds like something you’d find in a vintage vinyl dig.  Whether you’re a rap fan or a folk-rock lover, you’re sure to have heard of Dylan’s influences before.

Pablo Dylan has been interested in music since childhood, and as an early teen, started producing.  Through the years he’s produced with several big names (ASAP Rocky, anyone?) In 2011, he uploaded his mixtape, 10 Minutes, to soundcloud where it garnered hundreds of thousands of listens.  He’s now removed this musical venture from streaming services.

Fast-forward to 2019, and Dylan is back with The Finest Somersault, his 8-song debut EP.  Perhaps it’s his cadence, reminiscent of his grandfather-folk rock hero Bob Dylan-that makes the young Dylan’s voice so familiar on this album. Although he doesn’t cite his grandfather’s music as a source of inspiration, the album feels at home with that generation of songwriters.

This album, though, is a requiem for modern day-to-day struggles and triumphs.  Pablo Dylan’s songwriting aims to be unabashedly genuine and massively relatable.  Some songs address social issues, some personal.  Fans of The Tallest Man on Earth will find a lot to love on this record.

Find out what’s really wrong with the youths in video for “The Finest Somersault”.

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