Hippo Campus Release New Video

We all have that one thing that makes for a full-on geek-out.  Whether you’re always scoping out the coolest new trend, hunting for the best new music, or staying up-to-date on Netflix’s latest release, everyone has that something that they get unashamedly excited for.  Well, Hippo Campus is definitely one of the things that make our inner-kids jump up-and-down and flail all around (along with every other stellar band we play here at the station).

And guess what! The boys are back with a new music video from their 2018 album, Bambi.

“Why Even Try” is a moving collage made up of colorful blobs and scribbles.  Director Ruff Mercy has honed a creative style that mimics a walking, talking, wandering Basquiat painting.  He has worked his directorial magic on independent bands and with some household names (Run the Jewels, anyone?). This rotoscoped-then-animated video uses color and shapes to offer some visualization of the abstract feelings “Why Even Try” is all about. Check it out, dance it out, let your inner-excitable child out.

If you can’t get enough of Hippo Campus, fear not! They’re coming to a city near you.

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