Press Play: Baby FuzZ

What do Madonna, Adam Lambert, and Lana Del Rey have in common?  (Besides being hugely successful pop-artists, of course.) They’ve got an ace up their sleeves: producer Brandon Lowry.  The producer is now starting his own music adventure under the moniker Baby FuzZ.

Baby FuzZ faces a karoake showdown in video for “Burial.”

Plastic Paradise is sticky, sweet, and neon—bright pink bubblegum trapped in a shag carpet.   Hushed vocals give way to soaring falsettos, weaving the ten tracks together, even as they shift genres.  Lowry borrows from funk, disco, eighties-synth, gospel, and fuses it all together to make a sound entirely its own.  Single “I’m Still Holding Out for You” was born of a songwriter’s conference in Norway.  Lowry cites his time in Oslo, as well as his fellow writers and the music industry in general, as main sources of inspiration for the record.


“I’m Still Holding On for You” visits the church of Elton John.

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