Press Play: iDKHow

The star power behind I Don’t Know How but They Found Me is not the sole reason you will be
hearing their 80’s inspired sound making waves in alternative music. The frontman of the band is
past Panic! At The Disco bassist Dallon Weekes, who is no stranger to branching off for creative
projects. The other seasoned artist completing the duo is Ryan Seaman, who gains his notoriety
from drumming for post-hardcore band Falling in Reverse.

After a small trickling of singles from the band’s fruition in 2016, I Don’t Know How released
their first EP 1981 Extended Play in November of 2018. The band’s sound echoes both
member’s pop-punk roots but with a conceptual twist. They feature staple styles from 80’s pop
music with the inclusion of vintage-sounding synths and gated reverb. Their music comes with
more than a groovy sound as it also features a conceptual backstory. In appearances in music
videos, the duo appears to be a band the 1980’s who is appearing on made-up television station
Superstar Showcase Cable Access TV. Their music videos resemble tapes that have been lost for
decades and discovered thirty years later.

Fans of the theatrical will find a lot to love in “1981 Extended Play”. The lyrics have a charming
flair for the dramatic and macabre. Their song “Social Climb” covers toxic aspects of social
climbers and the relief of deviating from social norms. I Don’t Know How are able to
masterfully pair their unique concept and sound with the relatable messages in their lyrics.