Press Play: Liily

I Can Fool Anyone in This Town: a bold statement from Los Angeles young guns, Liily.  And they seemingly can.  With music as intense, wild, and cutting as this album features, few would expect just how welcoming the band is.

Liily channels the alternative rock of the 90’s: a little bit grungy, a little bit punky, and a whole lot of rebellion.  Although this type of rock can seem rare, the band has found a community.   Jersey to L.A. transplants Rad Horror would feel right at home sharing a stage.  The sense of community fostered amongst the niche scene is exactly what Liily hopes for.   A place where people can be throwing themselves into a pit one minute and sharing sweaty hugs the next.

In videos and recordings, vocalist, Dylan Nash, plays every bit the apathetic rock star, wearing nonchalance like a jacket few could pull off.  It’s quickly shrugged off once the absolute manic energy of their tracks kicks into high-gear.  Drummer Maxx Morando goes so wild on the drums that Animal (of Muppet fame) would be jealous.   For those inclined to throw ‘bows with the bros, guitarist Sam De La Torre and bassist Charlie Anastasis handle everything from rapid fire riffs to melting breakdowns for movers of all speeds.  The six-song EP, I Can Fool Anyone in This Town, clocks in at under thirty-minutes and leaves listener’s hungry for more.

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