Press Play: Josiah & The Bonnevilles

Although this trio made their start in Los Angeles, their music holds the heart and soul of frontman Josiah Leming’s home state of Tennessee. Their style is an acoustic sound coinciding poignant lyrics that bleed with authenticity. Leming is able to craft timeless stories of adolescence, falling in love, sorrow, and letting go. Despite that he hasn’t even reached the age of thirty, he writes with the sage of an old soul.

Josiah & The Bonnevilles fuse indie, alternative, and folk into a hearty blend of acoustic goodness. Their tunes are far from bare bones with their latest album On Trial. Opening track “Back to Tennessee” is a rending ballad about the woes of Los Angeles living and unrelenting homesickness. The melancholy in Leming’s vocals overlay plucky guitar and swelling piano chords providing a moving motif. On Trial picks up speed by third track “Swing” which is a warm invitation to invoke a long-lost spark. Atmospheric electric guitar, a driving folk beat, and echoing crowd vocals craft this ambient anthem.