Press Play: Wallows

The amount of star power behind Wallows may portray them to be an accidental band but history proves otherwise. Before co-frontman Dylan Minnette gained fame from Netflix original 13 Reasons Why and horror movie Don’t Breathe, he was already focused on music. Drummer Cole Preston and Guitarist Braeden Lemasters (also an actor) had sights on music from the start as well. The big names behind indie rock band Wallows isn’t the only factor turning heads and bending ears.

Minette and Lemaster provide a compelling dynamic when they trade off on vocals. Minette’s more baritone expression contrasts Lemaster’s higher vocal range and magical notes. Their first release Spring EP has a classic indie style accompanied by jangly guitar riffs. The heartfelt track “Let The Sun In” features Lemaster’s sugary sweet harmonies and a gratifying amount of trumpet. “1980s Horror Film” is a nostalgic Beatles-esque ballad with echoing vocals and an interesting plot-twist ending. 

Wallows gained ample traction with their first body of work including a few comparisons to past indie bands. The recent debut of their first album Nothing Happens during March of this year marked the beginning of an evolution. It covers coming-of-age trials that sufferers of youthful ailments and seekers of heart-rending nostalgia can relate to. As for the sound, upbeat synth and mellowed-out guitar can be heard throughout. Minette’s effortless vocals and Lamaster’s melodic timbre craft tranquilizing melodies. Nothing Happens also hits energetic points with the chaotic bouts of pummelled instruments heard in “Treacherous Doctor”. This debut record is emotional, spirited, and downright dance-worthy. Wallows have proven to be unique and far from drowning in the sea of previous ensembles.