Tallest Man On Earth Releases New Album

Kristian Matsson, otherwise known as The Tallest Man On Earth, graced our ears just over a decade ago with the plucky Shallow Grave. He followed that with another earnestly-folksy record, The Wild Hunt. These first two albums garnered comparisons to folk-hero Bob Dylan for their lyrics and Matsson’s unique inflections. 2012’s There’s No Leaving Now and 2015’s The Dark Bird is Home both saw a heightened sense of production, with more instrumental additions than their predecessors.

After four years, The Tallest Man On Earth is back with a charmingly-personal Americana album with an unexpected origin: his apartment. On I Love You. It’s A Fever Dream, Matsson has seemed to pull back, settle into his own, and create a truly intimate record. The sounds were written and recorded in his apartment. Matsson’s crooning, whispering harmonica, and familiar guitar establish the tenderness that hearkens back to earlier Tallest Man records.

Hear the title track below:

The Tallest Man on Earth will be touring across the United States and Europe throughout the year with a stop in Oklahoma City on April 27th.