The Black Keys Are Back

Summer is on its way, and it’s bringing us sunshine, pool days, and rock’n’roll via The Black Keys.  The band returned from a break and will be releasing Let’s Rock June 28th on Easy Eye Sound.  The album follows 2014’s Turn Blue, produced by Danger Mouse.

Let’s Rock will feature lead single “Lo-Hi”, the first music The Black Keys have released in five years.  Although coming off a five-year hiatus, the duo has not been missing from music; vocalist Dan Auerbach has worked on a solo project and drummer Patrick Carney has produced several albums and created the theme song for Netflix’s Bojack Horseman.

They released second single “Eagle Birds” in late April with more album info accompanying it.  “Eagle Birds” is true rock and roll, and the record is looking to follow suit with a name like Let’s Rock.  The band will be touring the country with fellow-alternative groups Modest Mouse and Shannon and the Clams this fall.

Check out latest single “Eagle Birds” here:

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