Ma(y)de In Oklahoma

June is almost here, so it’s time to pull that summer playlist off the shelf, shake off the dust, and soak in some new tunes.  Your summer soundtrack is about to get a lot more local with this month’s releases from Oklahoma artists.

Spinster-“Achilles” [single]

OKC band, Spinster, released this lead single from their upcoming debut album of the same name.  The track’s deliciously-melancholy sound will pull you from the boredom of sleepy summer days and have you waltzing around the house. Singer Jo Babb (also known from Annie Oakley) will be en route for Colorado soon, so head to the last full band show (and their record release!)  To celebrate the Achilles release, head over to Opolis on June 28th.
This release pairs with: peanut butter out of the jar, bare feet on hardwood, flopping dramatically onto the bed, and lazy twirls.

Unwed Sailor-Heavy Age [album]
Every summer soundtrack needs a stellar score, and Unwed Sailor is just the artist for the job.  Heavy Age is an instrumental epic that plays just shy of an hour.  This record is the moodiest, heaviest from Unwed Sailor, after the project’s inception over a decade ago.  The band has an upcoming show at Whittier bar on June 22nd.
This release pairs with: a sudden summer storm, driving fast at night, the quiet after an argument.

Cavern Company-So This Is Happiness [EP]

This five song EP from Oklahoma City’s Cavern Company is short, but more than just sweet. The tracks are full of contrast, both lyrically and sonically. “Falling” is a bright, shimmery pop rock love song, just minutes ahead of the tragic-yet-accepting “God Willing”.  The band welcomed So This Is Happiness with a show on May 10th in OKC.
This release pairs with: pretty much every Wes Anderson film, butterflies in the stomach, a borrowed spyglass.

Pigments-Pigments [EP]

If you’re not quite ready to wake up, dive into this dreamy release from Pigments.  The EP is a hazy, shoe gaze-y daydream of six songs.  The band’s been together since last year and have played shows seemingly non-stop.
This release pairs with: shaggy hair, windy days, city lights through a crack in the blinds.

Update: A last minute release!
The Sweet Talkers-Electric Affair [EP]

This release lands on the last day of the month and is coming from OKC’s The Sweet Talkers. The five song EP channels traces of 80’s new wave with retro-modern synths and heart-pounding rock. After checking out these tracks, there will be no surprise that Talking Heads and The Killers are among their influences. Angst, and perhaps something even darker, propel the narrative of the affair on the album.
This release pairs with: the faint glow of neon, scanning the room, and grooving down alley-ways.

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