Press Play: Arlie

Arlie first gained traction at the college they attended in Nashville, Tennessee. These local heroes quickly gained national attention with their winsome fusion of pop, alternative, and psychedelic. The group signed with music giant Atlantic Records and dazzled the public in September of 2018 with the release of their debut EP Wait.

Wait holds a collection of mesmerizing instrumentals. The shoegaze-inspired sound has obscure audio effects and echoing (at times ethereal) vocals. Their most well-known work “big fat mouth” encompasses a tranquilizing melody with lyrics that alternate between desperation and self-deprecation. Arlie is a band that is unabashed in exploring their humility and having a good time along the way.

Arlie has a unique ability to showcase their talent while still staying humble; especially with “barcelona boots.” This angsty track is a slow burn with soaring vocals in the chorus and vibey synths throughout. Although this song is a heavier one compared to others in the Arlie discography, they had no reservations against a light-hearted visual. The video that accompanies “barcelona boots” begins like an 80’s workout montage and ends in a trip to the moon in one eccentric, amusing, and shamelessly dorky journey. 

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